About Me

My goal as a UX / service designer is to produce seamless digital experiences, ensuring they are user centric and focus on the goals and objectives defined at the start of the project. I seek to produce solutions which are well thought out, whilst being innovative and in turn affect change and behaviour in a useful and meaningful way.

With proven experience managing complex and large-scale projects. I am regarded as a problem solver in both the technical and design arena. My previous work roles have included UX Lead, Senior UX, Interaction Designer and Web analyst. My first passion however is creativity. On a daily basis, I seek to find creative ways to translate insights into relevant, usable and utilitarian engagements.

With a passion for all things digital, I believe that anything is possible and that innovation has no boundaries.

I have been fortunate enough to work and live in 4 different countries (UK, Netherlands, Spain and Mexico), with some great clients such as HSBC, British Airways and John Lewis.