Casumo Casino

App Design

Casumo is relatively new in comparison to most companies within the gaming industry. However this has been identified as a huge strength, as it ensures the company can do things differently, whether it’s their bold and fun branding, or simply targeting individuals whom may not normally have engaged with traditional offerings.

The company prides itself on targeting a younger audience, especially those whom aren’t familiar with industry norms. Casumo’s goal is to create innovative experiences, whilst making them user centric in order to create loyalty.

The Problem

Casumo are predominantly a casino operation, providing innovative and exciting games to an extremely demanding core audience. However, Casumo understand the need to expand, so approached AKQA Amsterdam to assist them with moving into the football gaming sector. It was felt that this area of the market was rapidly increasing, so not being within it as a business would be extremely detrimental. That said, the creative brief was to ensure that anything produced remained within the Casumo innovation guidelines. Meaning that traditional industry methods should be avoid, and what the company should be doing is producing a solution which not only engages with the audience, but also gives them the WOW factor.

The Process

I was hired by AKQA Amsterdam to lead the UX output, and ensure that what we were creating not only met the clients expectations, but also guaranteed that strict deadlines were met. The client wanted to launch this product ahead of the English football season starting, which left us just under two months to complete the project from start to finish.

Although the timescales were tight, this mean’t the team had to work closely, and in an agile environment. Meaning that tasks were completed quickly, but also were validated and refined on a daily basis.


In order to create an initial concept I ideated using pen and paper, scamping basic user flows which could then be defined with fellow creative teams. This ensured time was maximised as a low-fidelity designs could be refined quicker than wireframes.

User Flows

Placing Bet:
A core need for any gaming interface is ensuring that the user is able to place a bet – quickly. This solution ensured that users had an innovative experience, whilst simultaneously making the process of placing the bet fun.

Bet Tray:
A consistent element on every screen is the bet tray. This allows the user the ability to trace how much money they have in their betting pot, as well as understanding the status of active bets.


Once wireframes were completed I was then able to integrate them into InVision. This provided me with an open-area allowing me to share the concept with key stakeholders, plus carry out gorilla testing with users of the current solution. By consistently testing I was able to refine, whilst also bring the various elements of the project together to ensure that the product we were creating proved valuable.