I was born on the March 2, 1982 in Norwich (UK). Since then I have broken my finger playing dodge-ball (the irony), lived in 4 countries (UK, Mexico, Spain, Netherlands) and somehow summited Kilimanjaro and ran 5 marathons.

I am a freelance Product & Experience Design Consultant and have been supporting businesses for over 15 years to achieve their wider digital goals.

Each project presents a set of individual challenges, all unique to the organisation at the time. My approach is to ensure all business requirements are upheld, whilst overlaying the fundamental needs of the user. This ensures the end product is user-centric, viable and relevant.

Every project provides a range of opportunities to learn, whether this is organisational, or the wider industry, including cultural and societal diversity. It is exciting as a product and experience designer to recognise how effective technological outputs can provide life-changing resolutions. An ATM which requires more clicks than necessary will conceivably present a user with recurrent frustrations - potentially undermining their overall association with the brand.

I have had the great pleasure to have worked with the following agencies: AKQA, M&C Saatchi, Wunderman, R/GA, Splendid Unlimited, Luv and Dare.

Brands that I have worked with include; Coca-Cola, Ikea, TFL, Microsoft, IBM, HSBC, Banorte, Team GB, L&G, Liberty Global, British Telecom, British Airways, Unilever, Hackajob, BGS, NEST Pensions, Al Arabiya.

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